Finding Your Why

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Dates: 11 April, 11 July 2020

What does it take to flourish in your life, money and work? This workshop combines sharing and learning through creative self expression, games and journaling to help you develop self awareness and find your ‘Why.’ Deep dive into your inner self to understand your story – who  you are and what living a worthwhile life means to you. Re-connect with long forgotten dreams and goals. Take your first steps to imagine and redesign a life path of no regrets. Finding your ‘Why’ is an essential key to unlocking  the new life waiting for you.

Note: Full day workshops (10am – 5pm) will be held on Saturdays in a central location in Singapore for a maximum group size of 20 participants and a minimum group size of 6 participants. Workshop will combine group discussions, workbook exercises, journaling, thought experiments and art therapy. We will confirm the workshop venue following your sign-up. We reserve the right to change the dates and venue of the workshop and will give you ample notice before doing so.



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Elsa Lim is a queen of Self Renewal and Reinvention. She strongly believes that your FLOURISHING days are ahead of you – no matter how many wrong turns you make in life. Her own career path is a series of hairpin turns executed with the flair of a Formula One driver. She has worked in advertising, marketing and public relations and was an entrepreneur and financial consultant for nearly 15 years. She is a certified psychotherapist with National Council of Psychotherapists UK and started her online coaching practice in 2016. Elsa has coached many clients at the Centre for Career Excellence (CCE) in Singapore where her career reinvention coaching is in demand. When not coaching, she writes and blogs. Her book ‘When Love and Money Are Gone – True Stories of Women and Financial Independence’ was published in 2016.