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Hi my name is Elsa Lim

I'm a certified therapist, life and career coach

Do you feel lost or stuck in a job that you don’t love?

Are you struggling with financial security and do not know how to get back on track?

Wondering what you really want to do with your life?

I want to help you design a life of power, passion and meaning so that you can be the BEST YOU that you’ve always wanted to be.

There’s a new You waiting to be born and you’ve got to let her come out! Let’s walk together in your reinvention journey!

Latest Workshops

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Total Transformation

Dates: April, July 2020 Experience...

Reinvent My Career

Date: 4 April, 4 July...

Finding Your Why

Dates: 11 April, 11 July...

Courage to Change

Dates: 18 April, 18 July...

Money Mastery for Women

Dates: 25 April, 25 July...

Member of National and International Council of Psychotherapists (UK)

how to flourish in life, money and work...

I know how hard it can be to achieve personal goals.

Like most women, I faced a lot of pressure and have struggled for years to figure out what 

I really want to do with my life.

Through my journey, I realised that there are two choices I can make: 

A life of quiet desperation 

Or a life of deep fulfillment and meaning. 

Let’s face it, life is too precious to waste living on auto-pilot. Listening to toxic critics. 

Downplaying your talents and abilities. Ignoring the voice of your heart. And feeling stuck at nowhere!

That’s why I want to help you to reinvent your identity and release your inner awesomeness!

Let me help you design a fresh chapter 

and face a new dawn!

Linda Leng

"I was facing a career crossroads and I’m really thankful that Elsa was there to offer me clarity and encouragement. She helped me define my top 5 values for my life and career and work out what to do next. The biggest takeaway I had from our private coaching sessions together was that I was able to move from doubt to self-belief to pursue my dreams and goals with a sense of hope and confidence."

Vittoria D'Alessio

Elsa has been instrumental in both my professional and psychological journey. She has given me clarity, guiding me towards formulating goals and then helping me take those first crucial steps towards achieving them. Elsa gave me tools to become more organised and focused, and she gently pointed out self-limiting flaws in my thinking. When I was at a point of great distress (related to a toxic blend of work and personal issues), Elsa supported me with wisdom and kindness. She helped me perceive my situation through a fresh lens. It was like a switch flicked in me. From that moment, things immediately started to shift for me in an incredibly positive way. Thank you Elsa from the bottom of my heart.

Eleni & Stelios

"We relied on Elsa to help us become aware of our finances and understand our connection to money. She transferred her precious knowledge and made the financial education trip, which might seem a bit difficult, a very pleasant learning. The MoneyMinder tool that she uses in her teaching is very reliable and a brilliant way to gain control over one's finances. Elsa was always very friendly and willing to help with our questions. She gave us the proper guidance and support, all that is expected for a new couple who starts planning life together! Thank you very much for your guidance, Elsa."

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